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Make money with Posh Trybe’s Affiliate Program.

Join our free Affiliate Program and earn 10% commission on ALL sales your referrals make. In three easy steps;

  1. Sign up,
  2. Spread the news, and
  3. Start earning!

This is a way Posh babes and guys can earn an extra income by doing the least. All you have to do is send a link to someone to buy a product and earn 10% of that product. 


You’re having a conversation with your friend who mentions that she wants to buy genuine human hair and you know that Posh Trybe sells this. All you have to do is copy the link from your affiliate account in the PoshTrybe Affiliate Area and send it to your friend. 

If your friend goes ahead to buy any product from our online store, then you earn 10% of whatever amount your friend spends. 

So if your friend buys products worth N60,000, that’s an easy N6,000 earning for you which you can cash out or use to buy any item from our store. 

That was simple right?

Why should I join Posh Trybe’s Affiliate Program?

  • It’s free to join, even comes with a bonus!
  • No Expertise Needed
  • Gain another source of Income- 10% commission on every sale that is made with your referral link
  • Convenience and Flexibility; Earn extra from home
  • Passive Income – Earn Money While You Sleep
  • The Sky’s the Limit- Performance-Based Income, earn as much as your referrals buy, no commission cap.
  • Dedicated support from our affiliate team.

View our Affiliate FAQ if you have any questions

Register below immediately and earn a sign up bonus of N500 to start your affiliate account. 

If you already have an account then login below or click on Affiliate Area to access your affiliate account.


Terms and Conditions

  • The sign up bonus of N500 can only be withdrawn when you meet the minimum earning withdrawal rate (N3,000).
  • Minimum earning withdrawal is N3,000 which will be paid out to you at the end of the month, within 24 hours when requested. 
  • All earnings are held for a maximum of 1 month due to our return policy. 
  • Affiliates can earn by inviting others to join the affiliate program. 
  • Owning multiple accounts is prohibited. All associated accounts will be deactivated.
  • Payments are made for only completed orders. 
  • Your referral is valid for 60 days after your invitee clicks on your referral link. If the customer doesn’t buy any item for 60 days them the referral bonus is forfeited. 
  • Auto refer or auto coupons applies to affiliates (applying the referral program to oneself when you buy from the store)
  • Fixed percentage to be earned (10%)