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About Posh Trybe

POSH TRYBE is a beauty brand company registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria for quality and authentic make-up products including 100% human hair and wigs of all choices. With its humble beginning as word-of-mouth sales with our first client(s) being family and friends, Posh Trybe has grown from a sole proprietorship to a limited liability company with its first location at Abia Shopping Mall, Umuahia. It has been an amazing 7-year journey of growth, learning, unlearning and relearning the beauty and wig market.

Over the years, the world has become busy and preoccupied in a rat race activity leaving the everyday woman too busy to have time for her looks, nevertheless, a good hair and a face beat makes up 90% of our selfies which is the trend. We believe that looking good is not by accident but planned for. Life Isn’t Perfect But Your Hair And Face Can Be, With Posh Trybe Products.

We have a selection of quality products from reputable brands dedicated to giving you the best.  Our utmost goal is to give the customer what is best for them. We have endless choices that cater for individual diversity and differences. At Posh Trybe, no age is too old to look posh, we make an everyday woman look effortlessly glamorous.

Whether you want a daily wig for hair preservation, fashion wig to look fabulous, a costume wig, a makeover for your occasion or general make-up products, Posh Trybe is here for you!

At Posh Trybe, it is beauty according to standard. Explore the beauty of life with us, choose your style with us, we got you. You can trust us with ‘what you ordered versus what you got’ to be 100% the same quality, giving you value for your money.

At Posh Trybe “No Deal is Worth our Reputation”.


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